Meet Your Host: Kyle Johnson

We "sat down" with Anecdote co-host Kyle Johnson and got the real scoop on his life, hope, concerns, and profile pic. 

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LG: What are you excited about right now?

KJ: Assuming I can snag a ticket, today I am excited about the Porter Robinson and Madeon tour.

LG: Share with us who you are these days.

KJ: These days I am an underemployed 28 year-old living rent-free in my parents' suburban house with a pool in the backyard. I tell myself that I am exploring big questions like "How can I make money?", "How can I find like-minded comedians with whom to collaborate?", "How can I be a disciple of Jesus?", and "Which creative endeavors are most worth my time?", but I mostly spend a foolish amount of time watching live performances of songs I like on Youtube and regular season basketball.

LG: Tell us about a project of any kind that another person is working on with you.

KJ: I wish I could. I'm talking with a few friends about a project.

LG: Why and how did you get connected to Level Ground?

KJ: I was a fan of LG and followed them on social media before moving to CA. Film, faith, gender, and sexuality are all things I think about a lot. After moving here in 2015, I met some of the leadership team through my church. I was invited to perform at Narrative Harmony and then to be a part of a new monthly storytelling event, Anecdote. I jumped at both chances.

LG: Tell us about the last Level Ground event/project that you participated in and why you chose to do it.

KJ: Anecdote in July. It's the monthly storytelling event I co-host. 


LG: What was the first thing you ate today?

KJ: Pussy. Just kidding. I wish.

LG: What does it mean to be in dialogue with someone and how has that been a part of your life?

KJ: To share thoughts and perspective with another. Various perspectives have challenged my own perspectives, caused me to reconsider, and made me wiser. Hopefully that also happens for the parties opposite me.

LG: What is the last book that you read and how would you pitch it to a stranger if you had written it?

KJ: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. It offers a fictional glimpse into the lives of white suburban teenage Michiganders in the 1970's and demonstrates how despair can destroy those lives like an unstoppable boulder rolling towards porcelain figurines. 

LG: Tell us about your profile picture on your favorite social media platform or on your email account.

KJ: My profile picture on Facebook and Twitter is my failed Photoshop attempt to recreate a fantasy/vision I've had for years of being on a rooftop in the middle of a huge futuristic metropolis at night, mashed up with graphics from the Mega Man 2 intro video. I started making Photoshop "art" for profile pictures 5 years ago because I don't look good on camera so decent photos of myself are hard to come by, but I'm hoping to be able to switch to a normal photo of myself like everyone else someday soon.


LG: What is concerning to you about the future, whether personally or more broadly?

KJ: The reality that our most lucrative stories are cinematic depictions of stylized warfare makes me concerned for our future. I'm also disturbed that the heroes we label "super heroes" consistently solve problems with violence.

LG: What brings you hope about the future, whether personally or more broadly?

KJ: Receiving the kindness and trust of strangers gives me hope about the future.

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