The Week-ish: What Now?

This edition of The Week-ish is guest curated by Level Ground Artist-in-Residence Leslie Foster.

What Now?

In the last few weeks, those of us in the U.S. have been forced to confront a reality many of us thought was all but dead. In the wake of an election that has lead to a skyrocketing of hate-crimes against people of color, non-Christians, and LGBTQ folks, we’re left asking, “What now?”

This Week-ish is dedicated to sharing art that heals and inspires resistance and resources that will help prepare for the coming weeks and months.

Dialogue, Not Division 

When it comes to dialogue, creating equity means that sometimes, we have to give marginalized people a little more space. Here’s a thoughtful piece by Amber Royster of Equality New Mexico in the aftermath of the Pulse shooting. Amber explores ways in which we can create healthy space and dialogue.

"We need to relinquish space, uplift the voices of the most marginalized" -Amber Royster

"We need to relinquish space, uplift the voices of the most marginalized" -Amber Royster


Who to follow

You should be following these incredible women on Twitter:

@lit_ari_ture is a Black feminist in religion and international studies from South Carolina.

@RaquelWillis_ is an activist, works for the @TransLawCenter, and writes for @EchoingIda

@femmina is Unitarian Universalist minister who is a self-described scholartivist (scholar, artist, activist), abortionista, and fat femme

Watch This

Check out this beautiful video the LA LGBT Center created for Trans Awareness Week.


If you need to both feel aesthetically hugged and moved to action, check out the Laura Mvula’s music video for “Overcome” and Joseph’s video for “White Flag."



If you live in LA and need some incredible artistic inspiration, stop by MOCA Geffen in Little Tokyo (free every Thursday from 5pm to 8pm) and check out the incredible retrospective of Doug Aitken’s work. Aitken embeds his beautiful experimental film work in installations that twist perception in truly incredible ways. 


Read This

  • The “Oh Crap! What now? Survival Guide” is a wonderfully practical set of tips to help marginalized folks prepare for what may be a pretty hard next four years. Read it, use it, pass it on!
  • If you’ve been wondering how best to get in touch with your senator or representative, former congressional aide Emily Ellsworth has some solid advice.
  • Elisa Kresinger shares a few thoughts and articles collected over the last few days, which tackle what we should do next.
  • "8 tips for talking to your family about Trump" by Christena Cleveland. 
If you are telling the truth, then you can speak gently, and your words will have power.
— Chogyam Trungpa

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