The Year-ish In Review

2016 has been an interesting year to say the least.

We’ve experienced what feels like a disproportionate number of celebrity deaths, beginning on January 10, 2016 with the death of an artistic icon who made it OK (even cool) to be an outsider.

Then the Pulse Nightclub shooting on June 12 shocked us into remembering that being an outsider still leaves you vulnerable to hatred, attack, and unimaginable violence… even in 2016.

These themes of death and violence continued as we witnessed terrorist attacks around the globe. Many of these attacks roused the sympathies of our profile pictures and hashtags, and many more received no attention at all.

We witnessed people with non-white skin beaten and killed by police. We witnessed water cannons being fired at peaceful protesters defending sacred land. We witnessed nations refusing to welcome refugees and looked upon a humanitarian crisis with a trembling shame. And now, after a grueling campaign season, we wait for President-Elect Donald Trump to take office. 

We witnessed and participated. We are benefactors and victims.

Here is our Year-ish In Review from inside the Level Ground Headquarters, followed by some resources to help us continue to process and engage the difficult realities that lie ahead. 


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  • 4 Theology Classes
  • 6 Anecdotes
  • 9 The Week-ish Editions (read them here)
  • 15 Parties, Dinners, & Other Events
  • 2 Festivals
  • 5 LG Surveys (read them here)
  • 7 (of 13) 59 Films completed
  • 75 Events
  • 1,500 Attendees
  • 36 Volunteers
  • 61 Members


Emily Joy premiered this poem at our Festival Preview Party in February.
LG Festival attendees LOOKING GOOD on the Red Carpet in Pasadena!
Broderick Greer premiered this talk at the LG Nashville Festival.
We interviewed Julian Baker before her Nashville Festival performance.



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What’s next?

  • The 2nd Annual Rose Parade Party on January 2. Tickets still available here
  • David Bowie Party on January 10... Facebook event coming soon. 
  • The Winter Programming Schedule... coming here soon! 
  • 2017 Pasadena Festival from April 5-8. Introducing the LGXP...details coming soon! 
  • College Curriculum and Mentorship

Help us do more!

Make a tax-deductible year-end donation and/or become an LG Member. 

Thanks For Reading And See You Next Year-ish!

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