The Week-ish: 11 Days In

It's been a difficult eleven days for many of us. Now more than ever Level Ground is aware of needing space for dialogue. We’re also aware that every Week-ish isn’t enough. While we’ll keep sending The Week-ish, every, well, week-ish, Level Ground also wants to create space for conversation whenever you need it.

This means we're creating a Slack channel where our community can share, talk, and learn from one another. Now is the time to gather and discuss across our many differences of identities and beliefs. And this is a place for the Level Ground community to do it! 

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Now read on for the internet dialogue that is giving us hope and offering important perspectives this week-ish. 

Dialogue About Division

In the months since the presidential election, many have noted that lots of Americans live in bubbles -- echo chambers filled with the voices of people who mostly agree with us. 

This podcast features sociologist Arlie Hochschild as she seeks to understand this division through the “deep stories” we tell ourselves that soothe our emotional needs.  


Conversations From the WomEn’s March

From a Marcher of Color:


From a Pro-Life Marcher:


From a First-Time Marcher:

Like many Americans, Raymond-Tolan had engaged in precisely zero kinds of activism before Nov. 8, 2016. As a first-time activist, she understands the fear — and inertia — of getting started. For the many Americans wondering what to do next, Raymond-Tolan's advice — from a fellow novice who's taken the leap — is an invaluable guide.

  1. Remember: You're not responsible for changing everything overnight immediately on your own, so just focus on what you can do.
  2. Start with the thing you care most about.
  3. When you get your elected representatives on the phone, remember that you are the one holding the cards.
  4. Don't underestimate the stress-relieving power of bothering congressmen.
  5. But, seriously, do the work — because it's not that hard.

Read the full story here.

Other Conversations the Internet is Having

While it’s important to stay informed, watch videos, protest, resist, march, make phone calls, and the like, we also have to remember what is best for our mental health.

Professional organizers and veteran activists have strategies for staying sane during a long fight. Learn HOW TO #STAYOUTRAGED WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND so you don't burn out. 

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Watch This

According to The New York Times, "Alim Qasimov is simply one of the greatest singers alive, with a searing spontaneity that conjures passion and devotion, contemplation and incantation."




Read This

The Atlantic’s review of Asghar Farhadi’s Oscar-nominated film The Salesman. Type your zipcode here and go see the film!

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