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Solidarity Does Not Mean The Same

One of our favorite things to find in the midst of social media chatter is people asking good questions. This week-ish we've been inspired by seeing the internet asking the question: Is my lived experience similar to yours or different from yours?

In particular, we've found people, brands, organizations, and celebrities exploring the question as it relates to gender identity. Is there someone in your life you could ask this question to IRL this week-ish?

>> Read on for the internet dialogue we're dialoguing about.

Exploring GENDER

The #HeForShe campaign is starting a conversation about gender and taking action to create a gender equal world.


CoverGirl Just Announced It's First-Ever Male Brand Ambassador

James Charles, Covergirl's newly appointed brand ambassador. Photo: Courtesy of CoverGirl

James Charles, Covergirl's newly appointed brand ambassador. Photo: Courtesy of CoverGirl

The Child Of Soul Songstress Sade Comes Out As A Transman


 Ila Adu, the only child of legendary soul singer Sade, comes out as a transman. Adu, who had previously identified as a lesbian, expressed in an instagram post that “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.”

An Open Letter To Justice, The Tween Girls’ Clothing Store

Dear Justice,

This weekend you made a little boy’s dreams come true.

My 10-year-old gender non-conforming son has been wanting to shop at Justice since he was four, when he would tag along for clothes shopping with his big sister. After about age 11, she outgrew Justice and we hadn’t gone in the store for years. He ended up always begrudgingly trying on clothes from the boys’ departments along with his older brother. But he hated it. He avoided trying on clothes at all costs. Back-to-school shopping was a chore he dreaded to the extreme.

Every time we made a trip to your next door neighbor store, Target, my son would longingly look in the windows of Justice and say, “I wish I could shop there.” But we never went in. There was just something off-putting about those words on your window, reading, “Just for Girls,” that kept us away time and time again...
— Martie Sirois

Read the rest of the letter here.

The Internet Is Still Talking About Purity Culture

Literally Darling asks Why Are Young Evangelicals Turning Away From Purity Culture? Bonus: the article features Level Ground Collaborator Emily Joy. 

Cosmopolitan (yes, THE Cosmo) featured a story about a woman "Happily Married To God — As A Consecrated Virgin."

Who to follow

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders is the photographer behind the Identity Series List Portraits that include The Black List, The Out List, The Latino List, and the Trans List.  

Spiritual Friendship and Wesley Hill have recently been talking about Gentile Inclusion As A Model For LGBT Inclusion.


Police Officer crushes Beyonce’s Formation




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