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Is Dialogue Enough?

We think dialogue is a big deal. Big enough to actually change the world. But sometimes (okay, maybe a lot of times) we look around and wonder if dialogue is really enough. Maybe you had this feeling watching the presidential debates. Or seeing another video of an unarmed black man being shot by police. Or maybe you gave up on dialogue as you unfollowed another round of Facebook friends this week.

Whatever it is for you, this week-ish our team has been pondering the relevance and efficacy of dialogue. If you’re working through this same tension, today’s edition of The Week-ish is for you.

How do we respond when dialogue doesn't feel like enough? Here's a start...


> Sitting with the tension through grief.

  • Responding to the tragic Pulse Nightclub shooting and the ongoing threats and injustice that the LGBTQ community faces in America and around the world. 

Watch the full episode here. 

  • Responding to the tragic deaths in the black community and the ongoing threat and discussion surrounding racial injustice and police brutality. 


> Processing the tension through questions.

  • Pope Francis on the meaning of dialogue and empathy:


> Responding to the tension through action.


Your Turn

> Inspired by this post from Level Ground friend Jordan Pederson we have created a space where you can reflect on your thoughts and process surrounding the question: Is Dialogue Enough?  


Meet Level Ground Nashville Collaborators

> Yep, we're headed back to Nashville for our 2nd Annual Nashville Festival. Learn more about who we're working with, browse the program, and RSVP here

  • SueAnn Shiah joins the Art As Justice: An Intersectionality Panel.
  • Liz Talago's exhibit "Sweating Like A Whore In Church" is part of the Exploring Ritual Art Gallery. 

Who to follow

  • Julien Baker turns concert venues into sacred spaces. Her experiences of being queer, southern, and Christian are raw and staggering. Returning home after an international tour and growing success, she’ll be doing a special performance and discussion during the Level Ground Nashville Festival. Check out these write-ups about Julien in The New Yorker and Pitchfork and then follow her on Twitter. 
  • Loving is a film by Jeff Nichols that celebrates the real-life courage of interracial couple Richard & Mildred Loving, and their landmark civil rights case against the state of Virginia. In theaters this November.  

Quoted IRL

> Level Ground is proud to partner with Listen LA. RSVP for the Encore Show this Friday in Pasadena.  

Thanks for reading. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK-ISH!

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