How did Level Ground start? 

In 2012 Level Ground co-founders Samantha Curley and Chelsea Halligan met in seminary where they started exploring how art creates spaces to talk about faith, gender, and sexuality. After a wildly successful student-run film festival, Level Ground has grown into the collective that it is today. In line with Samantha and Chelsea's original vision, we continue to create spaces (in person and online) for conversations and relationships that don't happen anywhere else. 

How is Level Ground funded?

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, the Level Ground Collective runs on monthly donations from people in our community. Please consider supporting the collective by giving $5-$50/month. Still not convinced? Browse the perks of membership.

The Level Ground Festival is funded primarily through sponsorships and our staff is funded by foundations and large donors.  

How does Level Ground price events?

Most Level Ground events cost $10 (with discounts for members and students). Two factors drive how we price our events: We believe artists should get paid AND we believe high quality events should be affordable and accessible to everyone. 

All of our online content is FREE. If you value it and want to see it grow, please consider becoming a member

What should I expect at a Level Ground event? 

Level Ground is a collective of experiences that may make you laugh, make you think, and/or make you feel uncomfortable. You'll be asked to listen, and sometimes you'll be given the opportunity to share and connect with others. 

Please read event details and descriptions carefully before deciding if a particular event is right for you. If you are new to Level Ground, read more about our approach to empathy. Still have questions? Please ask

How can I get involved?

Attend an event, subscribe to our podcasts, become a member! If you want to get more involved, fill out this form

You should also contact us if you have an idea, event, or some kind of art that you think fits the Level Ground Collective. Let’s see how we can partner! 

I'm already a member. How do I make changes to my membership?

We run our Membership program through PayPal because they offer the lowest processing fees available. You can make changes to your Membership at any time by logging in to your own account. Then: 

  • Click the Settings icon (the wheel next to "Log out”)
  • Click Payments tab at the top (between “Security" and “Notifications”)
  • Under the "Pre-approved payments" section, click "Manage pre-approved payments"
  • Click Level Ground

Email us if you have any questions or problems with your Membership via PayPal.