The "59" Gallery Show

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59 Trailer includes some nudity.


Level Ground presents 59, a gallery installation featuring eleven experimental films created by our artist-in-residence, Leslie Foster and eleven collaborators.

Throughout the creation of the project, Leslie followed four self-imposed rules:

  1. He had to create one film a month for eleven months
  2. Each film had to be 59 seconds long
  3. He had to collaborate with a different artist each month  
  4. None of the collaborators could be cis men 

When & Where

The Aerial House, 5230 Alhambra Ave, LA, CA 90032

• Friday, May 26, 6:30 pm -10 pm                                       • Saturday - Sunday, May 27-28, 3pm - 9pm

Iron Triangle Brewery, 1581 Industrial St, LA, CA 90021

• Monday - Friday, May 29 - June 2, 5pm - 10pm





59.1 - Angelina Prendergast

Angelina was born into the performing arts and began studying classical ballet at age eight. She was trained in the Royal Academy of Dance repertoire in England, and then studied with Kansas City Ballet, Boston Ballet, Perry Mansfield School of Performing Arts, and Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet NYC. At twelve she joined The Exeter Little Theatre Company UK, and later continued studying acting at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy LA. Angelina picked up a few other skills including stage combat, martial arts, and stilt dancing. She is most passionate about using her interests and skills to create movement films. Angelina is a certified Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor and foot specialist, as well as an Integrated Healing Practitioner, and an Aromatherapy consultant. She thrives to help others find alignment and balance in their lives, whilst practicing what she teaches daily.

Madeline believes in telling stories that connect us to each other and remind us of our own humanity. An actress, writer, director, and water protector she seeks to do good in the world through art and grassroots engagement. Living in Tongva Land, eastern Los Angeles for the last 8 years she creates art that reclaims the sacred heritage of our life cycle. She is a supporter of equality for women and people of all colors and identities.

59.3 - KC Slack

59.3 KC S.jpg

KC Slack is many things: rust belt femme princex, witch, feelings professional, almost-ordained Unitarian Universalist, occasional prophet, space mermaid, social justice cleric, bad fat bitch and artist.

DeiSelah is a Chicago native who has recently moved to California. She is a singer/songwriter and poet who has been writing and performing since the age of 12. She's aspiring to use the arts to break down barriers that cause the dichotomy that hinders change and restoration. She believes one of the pivotal ways to do that is through love and the arts. She wants to love people through her music; allowing people to feel what she feels, and in that feeling the listener will see we all are more alike than we are different. Love is the key and life is about being moved to better. Realizing there is hope in the dark places and there is blue (hope) in the gray areas of life. DeiSelah wants to open the listeners ears, eyes and hearts to the truth; leading them to love.

Maranatha Hay is a five-time Emmy award-winning director based in the Los Angeles area. With a background in journalism and art, Maranatha’s intuitive approach to documentary and experimental film is unique, and has led her to a broad range of human interests. From profiles of Ebola survivors in the midst of the pandemic in West Africa to the complexities of pediatric heart surgery in South America and Egypt, these projects have helped to raise millions of dollars for clients. In addition to her five Emmys and 11 nominations, she is the proud recipient of the National Geographic World Nomads Scholarship, and American Psychiatry Association Media Award. Appreciated by her clients for her adventurous spirit, Maranatha is uniquely adapted to working in the most challenging situations.

Jackie Hay is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and producer based in Seattle, WA.  She loves pushing the boundaries of art in unconventional places and has worked in a large variety of artistic mediums, including film and social media.  Although creating art her whole life, her work first gained attention on Twitter’s short looping film app Vine where she quickly gained a cult following for her bold and unexpected take on the application.  Her work was soon featured in the Brooklyn Independent Media Vine Art Symposium and several times on Mashable.  After creating shorts online, she eventually teamed up with filmmaker and director, Maranatha Hay, who shared a similar artistic vision and US Icons Films was born. Under US Icons, Jackie has produced and acted in many short films such as Stocked Love (2016), First Christmas (2015), and Meet Me at Midnight (2016), with several more projects in the works both in front and behind the camera.

59.6 - Sheridan Wolf 

A conceptual and innovative artist, Sheridan Wolf combines harsh materials with a delicate approach to their construction. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design in 2010 she was named by ELLE as one of the "Designers of the Next Generation". Her work has been featured in ELLE Magazine, NYFW, and at numerous red carpet events since relocating to LA. Comprised of hand made fabrics and metal garments, Wolf’s pieces have begun to carve their own niche in the fashion industry.  Rebelling against mass market consumerism in the United States, she create ones of a kind clothing, hand made by a select number of artists.  

Tatiana El-Khouri is a painter, sculptor, and all-around creative techie. Tatiana studied art at California State University Northridge. Inspired by her love of Video games, she began her journey as an artist with a digital/video art concentration. It didn’t take her long to fall in love with painting and switch her focus to animation.

A first generation citizen and native of Los Angeles, her body of work draws from her diverse ethnic background, Mexican Belizean Lebanese, including the folk art of Africa, Mexico, and the Middle East.

Her style ranges from mixed media acrylic paintings to bold, graphic street art-inspired illustration. She incorporates vibrant color palettes as well as a loose-edged painterly technique, adding texture and movement.

Her artwork is in the collection of the Pentagon and has been featured on the Tyra Banks show, Graphic Artists Guild, Society of Illustrators, and Americans for the Arts. Fulfilling a life-long dream, she formed the art non-profit Road to Artdom Foundation, to inspire creativity and a new generation of artists. RTA empowers young people of color to express their voices and share their world perspectives through art. In addition to creating art, Tatiana is a passionate cook and traveler.

Jacqueline Suskin is a writer and performance poet based in Los Angeles. She is the author of two books, the latest entitled Go Ahead & Like It available from Ten Speed Press. Known for her ongoing multidisciplinary work with a project she calls Poem Store, Suskin composes improvisational poetry for patrons who choose both a topic and a price in exchange for a unique verse. Poem Store has been her main occupation since 2009 and has taken her around the country with her typewriter in tow for weddings, parties, speaking engagements, residencies, festivals and more. Suskin has been featured in New York Times, T Magazine, LA Times, The Atlantic, and various other publications.

Jade Phoenix Martinez is a Queer, Trans Femme, Woman of Color, First Generation Filipinx-American, Parent, LA based Performance Poet and Activist/Educator. Jade's work is a poetic expression rooted in the multiple identities she holds and how they intersect with her day to day fight for liberation while creating and navigating our current social and political systems and structures.  Jade Phoenix is a fierce story and truth teller, a vulnerable and engaging performer, a passionate parent and informative educator, organizer and activist. 

59.10 - Sarah London

Sarah London was born in Northern California to a Bay Area-native family.  As a photographer, she enjoys capturing local LA-based musicians in their element, and her work has been featured by ROVE and THE BOX PRESENTS. She recently opened her own production company, Supertramp Films and wrote/directed/produced a short film about her grandfather who robbed banks in San Francisco during the 1960's. She haunts Silverlake coffee shops, just learned how to drive stick, and is scared of opening Champagne bottles.

59.11 - Rae Threat

American-born and Thailand-raised, Rae Threat has established herself as one of the most exciting artists in L.A. today.

Her alternative approach to photography uniquely merges the underground art and music scene and LGBTQ community, with notable queer icon Courtney Trouble referring to Rae as the ‘Celebrity Photographer’ of the feminist queer scene in San Francisco.

Rae is renowned for her ability to invert stereotypes and challenge views, becoming the first ever photographer to feature women in a lookbook for men’s clothing label, Mishka NYC (Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Spring 2014).

Rae has exhibited in galleries internationally from L.A. and San Francisco to Turkey, Vienna, and Berlin. Her first curated art show (ALT to the ALT) was a highlighted exhibit with Month of Photography LA (2011). Her street photography work with GroupLA was a featured showcase at the LA ART Show (2009) and installation at the San Diego Lafayette Hotel (2013) before being archived as permanent exhibits at the USC Library (Los Angeles) and the Huntington Museum (Pasadena, CA).