Introducing the 2018 Artist-in-Residency Project



We couldn't be more excited to introduce Rae Threat as the 2018 Level Ground Artist-in-Resident. She is a visual artist and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. and is renowned for her ability to invert stereotypes and challenge views.

Rae has exhibited in galleries internationally from L.A. and San Francisco to Turkey, Vienna, and Berlin. Her alternative approach to photography uniquely merges the underground art and music scene and LGBTQ community, with notable queer icon Courtney Trouble referring to Rae as the ‘Celebrity Photographer’ of the feminist queer scene in San Francisco.

Her current venture, Threat Films, marks the next logical progression for Rae as she continues to explore challenging views and thought-provoking subjects. Current projects include a feature film documentary about Thailand’s Trans activists and their fight for equal rights, a feature documentary about women advocating against online harassment, co-producing a Bye Felipe / video campaign to help end unsolicited dick pics on the internet, and exhibiting in an art show advocating for sex workers’ rights at SOMArts in San Francisco.

Rae is also a photographer for the Sundance Institute. You can follow her on instagram here


Rae's residency project at Level Ground - THE UNTITLED BODY PROJECT - will be a visual reflection of how society and culture have shaped and influenced our bodies and how we view them.

Behind the scenes at Rae's first residency interview with Alison Stevenson

Behind the scenes at Rae's first residency interview with Alison Stevenson

The project includes a short documentary featuring interviews with models of different shapes, sizes, gender, and identity discussing how culture and society has helped shape their bodies and influenced their body image. The project will culminate with a fully immersive multi-medium art show featuring 3D photography on LED panels, a centralized video installation on multiple monitors, and large scale printed portrait suspensions.

Studio space to be provided by Evidence Film Studios in Echo Park. The 3D experience to be provided by 3D Live

THE UNTITLED BODY PROJECT will be installed in a public gallery show in Los Angeles in June 2018. More details coming soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know.


Rae will be working with the following talent on THE UNTITLED BODY PROJECT. More talent to be added soon! 


APRIL FLORES is a multiple award winning and legendary BBW adult performer, director, writer, and photographer who has helped pave the way for plus-sized models to have more inclusion in the adult industry.

April has as been prominently featured in numerous publications speaking out about body positivity, and was Carlos Batt’s muse in their book, “FAT GIRL”.

She is also quoted to be a "proponent of the queer community, feminist, sex-positive activist, outspoken advocate of body diversity, glamorous art model, avid kink fan, sub and dominatrix, and all around powerful woman."


ALISON STEVENSON  is a writer, thinker, and comedian.

Her work has been published in various publications such as VICE, Munchies, Glamour, Death & Taxes, xoJane, Heeb Magazine, and more. Her comedy has been featured on Grantland, Jezebel, Hellogiggles, Splitsider, and the Huffington Post. Notable appearances include being a featured guest on Dan Savage's popular radio show, the Lovecast. She has also been a panelist on Huffington Post Live.

Featured articles she’s written have included pieces exploring dating in L.A. as a fat woman, being shamed for being a fat person with a belly, and vocalizing consent with your romantic partners.


CINDY CHU is an actress originally from Detroit, Michigan. She’s appeared on such TV shows and films as MacGyver, New Girl, and Red Dawn.

Growing up in an Asian-American household, she has experienced a lot of cultural body image issues and colorism, which had affected how she perceived her own body at a younger age.

She is a strong vocal component for advocacy for feminism and body image on the internet and was a featured speaker on Variety’s Inclusion Summit for “Hollywood Finds its Voice for Change”.


SONYA SATURDAY is a Los Angeles-based cartoonist. She uses adult humor in her work to explore love, sex, gender and politics.

Her books include "The 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates Coloring and Activity Book," "A Ninja Dinosaur Christmas!!!," "Why Do You Cry When I'm On Top?" and the short play “Don’t Party With My Mom” (Playscripts, Inc). Sonya has contributed autobiographical stories to the comics anthologies “Anything That Loves” (Northwest Press), "Mine!" (ComicMix), “Alphabet” and "We're Still Here" (Stacked Deck Press).

She regularly attends comic book conventions throughout Southern California, often speaking on panels related to queer comics and social issues. Sonya is currently creating the "Socially-Conscious White Ladies Coloring and Activity Book" and the photo series "Insecure L.A."

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