Lisa Congdon - Illustrator, Fine Artist & Writer


Lisa Congdon joins us for a fantastic conversation about her love for swimming, being a non-traditional 50-year-old and queer person, and how she became a full-time artist and writer later in life.

She's an incredible person who's published 8 books (soon to be 9!), runs a successful online store for her illustrations and fine art (soon to be a physical store in Portland as well!) AND teaches dozens of classes online on how she's built her creative empire as an entrepreneur! 

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Art changed me in that it gave me a vehicle for uncovering what was there all the time and then expressing it.
— Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon is an illustrator, fine artist and writer. She's lives in Portland, Oregon, with her wife, chihuahua and cat.

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Art by Lisa Congdon

Art by Lisa Congdon