SKEW+A with Ashleigh Hill

The SKEW team has been working hard to get our first issue ready to go by Monday, March 5, so in the mean time, we wanted to give you a chance to learn more about each of us. Keep reading–you just might discover your new pop culture obsession, or your new favorite writer.


managing editor / Real housewives enthusiast

Ashleigh Hill

Location: Chicago, Illinois

So, who are you? What’s your story?
I’m Ashleigh Hill. I’m 34. I’m from Fairfax, Virginia, and now, Chicago, Illinois. My family is from Ohio. I have a Mom, Dad, and slightly younger brother. I have an MA in Gender Studies and did my thesis on ways to introduce Evangelicals to Queer and Feminist theology. I love swimming. I’ve worked in everything from government contracting to social services to concert management. I know how to weave on a loom.

What are you passionate about? What’s your goal—either now or for your whole life?
I want people to be heard, considered, and less alone. I’m passionate about freedom and respect when it comes to how people experience their gender and sexuality. My goals change, but what undergirds them is being the best advocate and accomplice I can be, for others and for myself.

Pop culture guilty pleasure?
Any Bravo show. Also, Hanson’s entire musical catalog, but specifically music released between the years of 1995 to 2007 (I’m not guilty about it at all).

What are your words to live by?
You can always change your mind when you get more information. 

What celebrities would you invite to a dinner party?
I feel so nervous about meeting anyone I idolize so probably the entire cast of Real Housewives of New York. Or, Michael Phelps. I really disliked him as an athlete and person for a very long time, and I’ve come around to him over the past two years. I have some questions. 

Who inspires you?
People who do solid, revolutionary work without the desire for fame or much recognition. People who are in something for the long haul—who stick with something that might not yield results in their lifetime. Young people who care about their communities. Women who live way outside their prescribed roles. Adam Rippon.

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