2.7 Blek Pentha



Join Tamisha and Alexander as they debrief the record-breaking, blockbuster phenomenon that is BLACK PANTHER. And yes, they've seen it a combined total of 6 times.

It’s okay to imagine a world in which you’re winning.
— Tamisha

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**After you listen, check out Jarell Wilson's piece The Call of Wakanda for SKEW Magazine. SKEW is the latest project from the Level Ground Collective. 

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This week's mood music is the song "It Doesn't Have To Be This Way" from Andre Henry.

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"On July 25, 2016 I decided (if you can call it that) to find the heaviest boulder I could manage, and lug it around Los Angeles.

I did it to send a message about social pain to anyone who might see. some people called it activism. some called it art. I call it necessary. I'm on a mission to use my gifts to convince people of their power to create the world that ought to be." -Andre Henry


WHY WE'RE FRIENDS is a Level Ground podcast where @tamisha_tyler & @realmralex look at the world as friends who are very different from each other. They teach and inspire us to reach out across societal divides. 

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