Become a Member of Level Ground

Welcome to our new membership program! The best way to get involved and support Level Ground is to join our membership program. Through a donation as low as $5 per month or $50 per year, members provide vital support that directly benefits our community of creators. Membership funds go toward supporting Level Ground’s events and programming, including our artist residency, annual festival, and collective artist workshops.

Far too many artists face obstacles in their careers due to unjust systems of power and privilege. That’s why it’s vital that Level Ground continues to enact cultural equity in our work, cooperating with a network of intersecting identities to create and amplify art that is challenging, beautiful and empathy-provoking. We can only achieve these means thanks to the support of people like you, people who care about amplifying art that is challenging, beautiful and empathy-provoking. We can’t wait to build a more just future with you. Have questions for us? Get in touch.

Are you an artist? You may benefit from joining our Artist Collective, a separate program from membership. Our collective is a community of highly talented artists and creators in Los Angeles who have a passion for creating immersive art that provokes critical dialogue and empathy. Click here to learn more and join.

What are the membership levels?



$5/mo | $50/yr
On a tight budget but want to support us? This level is perfect for you, Friend. Click to join at this level.


$10/mo | $100/yr
If you love our work but don’t live in LA, we built the Fan level for you. Click to join at this level.


$25/mo | $250/yr
You get so much swag at this level, it’s insane. If you enjoy free stuff, you’ll wanna be a Supporter. Click to join at this level.



$50/mo | $500/yr
Everyone wants to feel like a VIP, and as a Collaborator, now you can! Click to join at this level.


$100/mo | $1000/yr
Just like our patron saint Corita Kent, our Patrons “consider everything an experiment.” If that sounds like you, give at this level. Click to join at this level.


$250/mo | $2500/yr
Ever dreamt of seeing your name in lights? Become a Producer and we’ll shower you with credits in all our work. Click to join at this level.


What are the benefits of membership?

Everyone loves perks—and we’ve got plenty to give out to our members! Each level of membership comes with distinct goodies. Take a look at the chart below to see the various benefits of membership and choose the right level for you.

Perks Friend Fan Supporter Collaborator Patron Producer
Personalized membership card
Discounts on merchandise and swag
Private Vimeo access for viewing event recordings and production projects
Annual swag bag
Print copy of annual SKEW Magazine
Printed work from our Artist Collective
VIP tickets to all gallery shows and festival programs 2 3 4 5
VIP tickets to all other events 1 2 3
Recognition in printed publications (SKEW, etc.)
Tickets to private festival reception with residents and executive director 1 2
Early previews of all new projects
Recognition in production projects (film and podcast credits, etc.)

What are my options for giving?

We are pleased to offer monthly and annual giving options. Members who sign up for annual giving receive a two-month discount for their selected membership level (almost a 20% discount!). We can accept payment via credit card, PayPal or ACH bank transfer. To update your membership level, donation frequency, or payment method at any time, please log in to Donorbox.


Your card or account will be charged once per month. You can update or cancel your membership at any time.

Your card or account will be charged once per month. You can update or cancel your membership at any time.