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issue 5 • July 2018

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"There's something very sinister about men sitting around drinking and talking about the same woman."


It's Such A Good Feeling:

How Mr. Rogers Changed My Life and Influenced My Activism

"Hearing Mr. Rogers speak kept something alive in my heart. I felt validated by the tenderness Rogers displayed as someone who was constantly criticized as a child for “being too sensitive”. Mr. Rogers own sensitivity allows me to feel more at home with my own. And I feel comforted by his particular brand of masculinity: if a man in this world can be as kind and gentle as Mr. Rogers was, it isn’t impossible or ridiculous to ask this from the men in my life."


What can drag queens teach us about faith? Quite a lot, actually.


I can’t remember the last time I felt truly recognized, truly seen in a Christian church, even one that supposedly affirms my homosexual identity. In church, we’re supposed to see each other as God sees us, but I don’t often witness that kind of empathy on Sunday mornings. On Drag Race, I witness it every week.

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We made a mistake. We're making it right.

In response to concerns raised by our staff writers, we've changed the name of our monthly parenting guide.

Previously titled "The Woke Parenting Guide," we've changed it to "Raising Kids Who Aren't Assholes." SKEW managing editor Shannon Dingle, who created the guide, and staff writer Rachel Virginia Hester, who bravely and generously first called out the problem with our guide's name, explain this change below.


What Do We Say When Words Fail Us?

Whether Trump is indefinitely detaining families at the border or separating children from families, the cruelty has left many of us understandably speechless. Writer Jarell Wilson and editor Shannon Dingle offer up pieces about how the ways they've worked to address this injustice.


It's Time We Do Our Part

"These are the questions that will shape our generation’s image in history. It sounds overwhelming. I told Cindy, my colleague, as much in Corpus. A small group of us that had whipped up votes and had tough conversations with delegates were celebrating in a little half circle. She told me, 'You did your part today. Take a breath and celebrate, and when the time comes do your part again.'"

Raising Kids Who Aren't Assholes

As we adults lament and act, children are watching. They need to know and talk about this too, at levels appropriate for their ages. In this edition of Raising Kids Who Aren’t Assholes, I recommend 11 stories of immigration – most featuring refugees – for children. Perhaps some adults should read them too."

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