What We Do

Level Ground is more than just an arts organization. Our goal is to build a community of unlike minds. Our immersive programming, panels, and moderated discussions encourage informal cultural exchanges that spark new friendships. One statistic we are particularly proud of is that during our public programs, 73% of our audience members report talking to at least one person they didn’t know prior.

Level Ground’s program objectives are expansive; we build new audiences and provide direct services for artists from underrepresented communities including racial, ethnic, and gender diversity. 

Program Overview

Level Ground’s programming is well-aligned to our mission and shares a common structure. Art is never considered in a vacuum. Public programs are geared to creating critical, cultural dialogue through immersive events that center on the work and the artists’ perspective whether it is personal, cultural, political, or multifaceted. We support broad community engagement by offering our programs free of charge to the public.  


Our Artist Collective serves the personal and professional growth of artists. 

  • Our Workshop Series is an annual series of free workshops and training resources for artists that are led by industry experts in fields from accounting to grant writing to mental health. 

  • The Residency Program consists of a dedicated group of emerging and underrepresented artists who receive mentorship, production resources, and training to create a new project at the intersections of identity and receive their first solo gallery show.

  • The Festival is an annual program celebrating artists in The Collective. Included in the festival are the culminating gallery shows for the resident artists. Click here to get free tickets.

The Studio

Our Creative Studio supports creative media and event productions. 

  • The LG Incubator supports the development, funding, and creation of new and bold film, TV, and podcast projects. The incubator’s first project, a short film titled Framing Agnes, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2019 and is being developed as a feature. 

  • LG Productions provides critical earned income for Level Ground and members of the Collective by producing videos, diversity training, and events. Previous clients include The Clippers, LA Kitchen, and The Annual Hike To End Homelessness in Griffith Park.