Write for SKEW

Our editorial team is currently accepting submissions, reported story pitches, and story ideas, as well as original poetry and short stories. Be aware that at this time, we cannot compensate unsolicited submissions (though we're hoping to change that, and you can help by becoming a member of Level Ground!).

We especially welcome submissions and pitches from writers of color, queer writers, disabled writers, and other under-represented or marginalized groups.


Submissions for online publication should be no more than 2500 words in length and should address the intersections of entertainment, identity, current events and social justice. Before submitting, please acquaint yourself with our material. We reserve the right to edit for length and clarity. Please email finished submissions for online publication to our submissions editor with the word "Submission" in the subject line. Include a one- or two-sentence biography and a headshot.

Reported story pitches

Story pitches for reported pieces should feature an analytical hook that covers a current event or trend in popular culture, or a social justice movement through the lens of identity and entertainment. Pitches should be submitted with a one-paragraph summary of the idea and at least three confirmed or potential sources. Please provide links to previously published work, whether in a personal blog or another publication, if you have them. Email completed pitches to our submissions editor with the word "Pitch" in the subject line. 

Story ideas 

Ideas including press releases, expert sources, and event announcements for potential SKEW coverage can be emailed to our submissions editor with the word "Idea" in the subject line.

Copyright information

By submitting your work to SKEW, or otherwise giving SKEW permission to publish your work, either in print or electronically, you represent and warrant:

  1. that all works submitted are not plagiarized and are your sole creation;
  2. that SKEW’s reproduction and distribution of the work will not violate any copyright or other right of any third party, such as another publication;
  3. that you are also granting full reprint permission for any item we publish, unless otherwise indicated;
  4. that you are also granting the subsequent right to reproduce, distribute, adapt, or display the work for any purpose and in any manner or medium worldwide during the copyright term of the work.