Jamal Sims - Director


We're launching our 3rd season with another incredible guest! Jamal Sims is a professional choreographer and a first-time director. We got to talk with him about his film, WHEN THE BEAT DROPS, which premieres on Logo Network today (8/9) at 8 pm!

We had such an amazing conversation with Jamal and we're excited for you to listen! Watch the trailer for WHEN THE BEAT Drops using the link below and don't forget to tune in tonight at 8 pm!

WHEN THE BEAT DROPS makes its debut on LOGO on August 9th. Watch the trailer here!

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There’s a reason for this movie and there was a reason it needed to happen.
— Jamal Sims

WHEN THE BEAT DROPS follows a crew of gay African-American men as they pioneer the Southern-rooted underground dance scene known as “bucking.” Together with his crew of fellow gay African-American men, Anthony Davis, a heavy-set, Atlanta-born kid with a love of dance, helped grow bucking into a national movement, complete with fierce competitions. In the process, Davis created a haven for a generation of displaced black gay men.