Sami Grisafe - Musician & Athlete


Join us this week as we sit down with Sami Grisafe, a professional (American!) football player, documentarian, and singer-songwriter, to talk about earning a spot on Redland High School's men's football team as the quarterback, changing people's minds about women in sports, and balancing a career in sports and the arts at the same time as a professional athlete and recording artist.

Sami Grisafe is a two-time World MVP, three-time World Champion and National Champion, and pioneer female Quarterback. She is also an award-winning singer-songwriter, co-founder of the production company Vanguard Muse, social rights activist, co-founder, and MC of LA's underground private concert series, SunSeshLA. She loves sweating for payoffs and habañero hot sauce.

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They shrink it and pink it.
— Sami Grisafe

Sami Grisafe is a football player, documentarian, and singer-songwriter living in Los Angeles. 

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You can catch one of her live acoustic shows every Saturday, from 12-3pm at Terrace in Venice, CA.

Learn more about her upcoming documentary, A Football Story, an everyman's story of American football told through the eyes of a young girl who becomes a World MVP Quarterback.

You can also learn more by visiting her production company's website.