2.2 Ashy Love


Join Tamisha and Alexander as they chat with relationship guru Reverend Doctor Love just in time for Valentine's Day (which happens to coincide with Ash Wednesday this year).

It takes a whole lot of trying and a whole lot of failing before you find what you’re really looking for.
— Latina Williams

Get your body butter and prepare to take copious notes as Latina Williams, Tamisha's modern-day Hitch, demystifies relationships and lays it all out there... starting with how to be bold within the confines of your personality! 

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Mood Music

This week's mood music is brought to you by Leo Xia. His debut EP Hyphenated out now on iTunes and Spotify.

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Leo Xia is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, speaker and activist who aims to expand our capacities for empathy and collective healing. Leo writes about Asian-American identity and social issues to make sense of his own story as a second generation Chinese-American immigrant. He writes to remind himself and his listeners that everyone has a story that deserves to be told and heard.


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