2.4 Nine Types + Wings on the Side


Tamisha and Alexander kick back with enneagram expert, Rebekah Neel, and discuss how each of us are better friends, better partners, and better to ourselves when we become aware of our individual strengths and blind spots.

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Mood Music

This week's mood music is the new single "I'm Alright" by Sabrie.


Sabrie is an electropop collaboration. Saturated vocals layered over hypnotic dream-like beats create a sonic safety zone for your mind. The first single, “I’m Alright”, will soon be joined by consecutive work. Relax, you’ll be just fine. 

Writer & Vocalist - Allison Sabri Dozet Composer & Producer - Ethan Kattau 

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I’m interested in human belief systems: why we worry about one another, how we hold on to the past, where we obtain our moral systems. I think we’re meant to share our changes, curiosities, and storylines and when we make this effort, everything truly will be alright.
— Sabrie


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