Level Ground is a 501(c)3 arts cooperative that is creating experiments in empathy. 


We’re determined to inspire cultural change through immersive experiences and creative collaborations that give resources and influence to diverse artists. With over seven years of experience, Level Ground has a notable catalog of collaborators and an impressive portfolio of artistic experiments resulting in dozens of original stories told online, in galleries, and on screen.

Instead of coping with bias, fear, and polarization inside communities of people who think and look just like us, Level Ground is creating experiments that inspire solidarity across division.

Our work includes an artist residency program, a production incubator, and a creative studio.


Residency Program


Our residency program consists of a dedicated group of emerging artists who are creating projects at the intersections of identity. Each artist receives a monetary stipend for their project, and gains access to representation, production and distribution resources, mentorship, and training through Level Ground networks. Artists are chosen based on an initial project concept and develop the project collaboratively within the program. Each project culminates with an immersive gallery installation or event produced by Level Ground.


Partnering with artists, creators, and filmmakers, Level Ground brings ambitious, world-building, social impact projects to life. We partner with artists to develop and pitch projects that tell complex, nuanced, and/or intersectional stories. Once we receive funding for a project, Level Ground becomes a producing partner, working to ensure the project is made on time, on budget, and with diverse perspectives to inform the storytelling and production. Our production incubator is for projects with budgets between $25,000 and $250,000.


We create memorable experiences and tell high-impact stories for companies and organizations who value creativity and social impact. Our creative studio makes inspiring videos, produces immersive events, trains teams in empathy, and consults on creative problems and projects. Our diverse network of artists and strategists specialize in aligning your goals to the artistic process. When you hire Level Ground, you’re investing in and supporting underrepresented artists who are part of the Level Ground Collective.

Art should provoke, disturb, arouse our emotions, expand our sympathies in directions we may not anticipate and may not even wish.
— Joyce Carol Oates

Our values

Level Ground actively seeks to subvert the social and cultural hierarchies that divide us. We are committed to:

  • Braving Discomfort  

  • Provoking Empathy

  • Building Connection

  • Redistributing Privilege

  • Inspiring Solidarity



Level Ground is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.


Level Ground is supported, in part, by our gallery sponsor Angeles Psychology Group.