Rae Threat, Photographer


On this week's episode, we sit down with Level Ground's Artist-in-Residence, Rae Threat, to talk about bootstrapping a career in photography, how queer porn celebrates diversity and body love, and why representation matters.

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The less photoshopped you are, the more visible you are for other people to see you as that and accept themselves, too.
— Rae Threat

Rae Threat is a visual artist and photographer based in Los Angeles who is renowned for her ability to invert stereotypes and challenge views.

Rae has exhibited in galleries internationally from L.A. and San Francisco to Turkey, Vienna, and Berlin. Her alternative approach to photography uniquely merges the underground art and music scene and LGBTQ community. Notable queer icon Courtney Trouble has referred to Rae as the ‘Celebrity Photographer’ of the feminist queer scene in San Francisco. 

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